Friday, February 1, 2013

The Creme de la CREAM Hand-painted & Distressed Nightstand DIY

My Friday night's project - DIY Furniture Distressing

I actually forgot to take a before of this piece - BUT as you can see in the top left photo it is an oak wood nightstand. The first step of this DIY is to use my always faithful Zinsser Cover Stain and prime the entire piece of furniture, be sure not to let any drips happen, if so wipe or sand them off prior to final painting. 

For this next piece i took an easy route and took the drawer out, took the hardware off and spray painted the whole thing…

After the drawer dried i bought a stencil from the Martha Stewart section at Home Depot for 2$ and used acrylic paint and a foam brush to paint on the stencils shape with a brown color.  After that brown paint dried, which is usually fairly quickly when it comes to acrylics, I then used a light gray mixed with a little touch of champagne metallic acrylic paint to give it a little sparkle for the next layer of stenciling - EXCEPT - this time i moved the stencil a little less than an 1/8 in. above the last one. 

The next step in this DIY was to take a small piece of sand paper (120/220) and begin lightly rubbing where something about the furnitures shape sticks out, i.e.: corners, edging, the feet, anywhere you think the piece would have "naturally worn down." Then I took my handy dandy foam brush and "strawflower" by Rustoleum Spray Paint and sprayed my foam brush and began lightly brushing over where i had just previously sanded, this will give it the old/vintage look…Followed by a quick brushing of dark wood stain over the distressed marks and don't forget to wipe off the stain immediately!

I love this piece personally because of the open space underneath the drawer storage, it would look wonderful with some books lined up underneath, or perhaps some wicker rectangular baskets for more storage, or even a couple chatskis for decoration…

Any questions or comments, feel free to leave them! :)

JunkGypsy Design in a customer's home:
 LOVE her style - and the colors! What a perfect fit!

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