Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pier 1's Hayworth Rosette Lamp LOOK-A-LIKE DIY

Ever walk into a store knowing not one thing in the place is going to fit into your budget? See a shirt you really love but costs more than your entire outfit that day? See a throw pillow you know would match JUST RIGHT on your living room couch but refuse to pay that obscene price? Or perhaps you walk into Pier 1 and notice this gorgeous table lamp with the embellished fabric flowers all around the lamp shade and you think - if only i had this 100 dollar lamp? well now you can, with my look-a-like Pier 1 Lamp how-to guide.

any lamp with a drum lamp shade 
about 1 1/2 yd. of any white gunny sack-type material
hot glue gun
hot glue sticks
about 5-10 rhinestone embellishments (a little smaller than a dime)
needle and one spool of white thread

Step One:
Purchase ANY lamp body you like...I found mine at Christmas Tree Shops for 12 dollars! I was looking for something a little smaller, for on top of a nightstand. To keep the "look" of the Pier 1 lamp, be sure to get a drum lamp shade type.

Step Two:
Creating the flowers. These are so simple. To make one flower, being by cutting the first flower petal in the shape of a tear drop, once cut take the tweezers to the edge and pull at the fabric with the tweezers to give the petal the frayed look. Repeat this 6 times, and lay out petals to form flower with all points of each petal meeting in the middle, thread your needle and go thru all petals and go back and forth a few times til you are sure they are combined.  Your flower should look like this:

Step Three:
Put a dab of hot glue in the center of the flower where you just stitched and immediately put the rhinestone on and pinch to make sure it is secured and the glue has fully dried. Your flower should now look something like so:

Step Four:
Place another dab of hot glue in the center of the back of each flower and place on lamp shade, hold for a few seconds until the glue has dried and repeat in a line around the drum of the lamp. Leaving you with this beauty:
I absolutely love the way my lamp came out, it looks adorable on my nightstand, would look great anywhere! This lamp cost me a total of $17 to make, saving me a total of 83 dollars. 
Questions? Leave a comment and I will answer it :)
Feedback is also welcomed!

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