Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Over-sized/Over-studded: DIY How-to Guide on Studding

"The newest accessory to overcome the fashion world is having a big impact." Over-sized clutches have become a huge statement and valuable additions to making outfits work. In this post you'll see a thrift store find - transformed into a beauty for a night out.

The original bag, which i found at Unique Thrift Shop, was priced at $4.99 and I just so happened to be thrift-shopping on a 50% off sale day! To find bags that have potential - you need to know what you're looking for - any leather bag/clutch with no name brand posted on the outside at all is KEY. Be open to all different colors and shapes, you never know how you may change its look for the better!
This blogger actually changes the color of her clutch and then studs it:

As for mine, I already loved the vintage-like look it had, so I thought adding a few studs would be key.

Using an x-acto knife i cut the tiniest slit into the spot where was going to attach the stud. (*TIP: I eye-balled the spacing, but you could measure it out and put little marks where each stud is to be placed.) 

Once you place the stud where you want it - you then use a butter knife or hammer to gently push the prongs down and secure the stud in place.
I got my studs off of Amazon. They were pretty cheap - but sold in bulk. 
Search for: Nailhead Studs
(they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!)

The finished product, ready for a night out! 

Happy Studding!

More pictures of the process...

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