Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You can't MAKE-UP how easy… DIY Make-up Vanity Table

The Original Find:

I knew I always wanted a nice spacious table to sit at with a big mirror in front of me, but I never thought for a second I would let MONTHS pass by staring at a wall using a TV tray as a makeup vanity! and this is where my journey began-I searched, and searched....and searched for the perfect table. I was on the hunt for something classy, not childish, simple, yet chic, with character to it but not too loud. With no luck I let my make-up table dreams go to the back burner- until I got my new internship at an Antique/Vintage Furniture Store. I spotted this table but was a little unsure about its size. Couple weeks passed and I decided to buy it, it wasn't the right color wood for my room (my current furniture is dark wood, espresso/ebony) so I figured I'd take it home and see what I could do! MY FIRST TIME SANDING-success! 

I used 220 and 120 sanding grit papers and a 4 dollar sanding block from Home Depot and sanded along the grain of the desk top, legs, side, inside, outside, underneath, middle, end, bottom, and edges...and then I slept. (hand sandin is exhausting and a work out-but well worth this outcome!) ;) 

Took a trip to good ol Home Depot and got some wood conditioner by Minwax, dark wood stain by Minwax, wax protectant by Minwax, staining brush, a cloth rag, and a face mask. 

When I got home I began preparing the wood to become a whole new table by using the wood conditioner for oil stains. I basically painted this on (along the wood grain as well) and went out and ran some errands, after about 4 hours, I began my first coat of wood stain, using the stain brush I coated on the stain, leaving it to take in the color for about 10 minutes, then wiping off the access and allowing the desk to dry for the night. 

Next day, repeat stain process, stain, wipe off excess, and allow to dry-I prefer over night because I usually do these DIY's at night so it only seems fit! 

Repeat these steps until you achieve the color you prefer, when the furniture is completely dry you can begin to polish on the wax protectant or any other sealer you prefer, by using a cloth rag and going along with the grain. Allow 15 minutes and then wipe off excess wax and you're complete! 

After drying I found an old piece of glass shelving at a thrift shop for 3$ and decided this was the perfect way to keep my bronzer and eye shadow powders from ruining my newly stained table:

FINISHED and put in my room:
Here's my DIY make-up table before & after


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